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Deal directly with the manufacturer and save!
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Deal directly with the manufacturer and save!

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Your first choice for Quality Outdoor Blinds


Original Ziptrak® Supplier

Quality Outdoor Blinds are the original supplier of Ziptrak ® and have a range of styles for you to choose from!


Australian Made

Our products are proudly Australian made and owned.


Provides Sun Protection

Protect yourself and your family from the suns harsh UV rays with our quality blinds!


Reduce Energy Bills

Ziptrak®Interior creates an air pocket which effectively reduces your energy bills.

Outdoor blinds do not just extend living areas, they also turn a patio or deck into another room and allow you to use the area in all of the seasons! Outdoor blinds can even surround a pergola or fenced pool area, and help to protect you and your family from the weather. Deciding upon the right type, colour, and the location of your outdoor blinds can be overwhelming for many homeowners. But with the help of the friendly staff at QUALITY OUTDOOR BLINDS, you will be able to choose suitable colours and the type of material suited to your needs.

Our products are Australian made and owned. We offer a huge range of colours and materials! When selecting blinds, it is important to consider where the blind will be placed and its main purpose. Our team are here to help you with the entire process and will be able to recommend some options that are suitable for you! Our Ziptrak blinds are easy to operate and manoeuvre. When it comes to difficult locations, we will find a solution and customise a plan for you. Our collection is characterised by our commitment to quality, and this will be reflected throughout the entire experience – from our free no obligation measure and quotes, to product construction, and the final installation, our service is second to none.

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Ziptrak® outdoor blinds instantly create a brand-new space in your home! You’ll be ready to entertain your family and friends at a moment’s notice. Your outdoor space will be protected at any time of the year, and provide you with a sense of seclusion and sanctuary. Enjoy spending more time outdoors with Ziptrak ® outdoor blinds.

Improve your bottom line with increased capacity and a longer season. Ziptrak® blinds allow you to connect your indoor and outdoor environments, creating one harmonious space. Let’s reimagine your area and move beyond business indoors.




Insect barrier

Avoid those pesky mosquitoes and flies from bothering you and your guests. Ziptrak® blinds allow you to spend hours outdoors without the need for toxic bug repellent sprays.


Easy and fast operation

The track guided system is simple and safe to operate – no chains, ropes or pullies. Using our patented spring-balanced track system, the blind easily glides up and down, stopping in any position.

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Protection from the elements

Our sealed blind system shields you, your patio, and your furniture from wind, rain, dust, glare, and insects. Make the most of our beautiful climate but protect yourself from the undesirable weather.

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The trusted solution

Hundreds of retailers and installers trust Ziptrak® to engineer and manufacturer the highest quality outdoor blind system. Business owners with years of experience in the blind industry exclusively sell Ziptrak® because of the systems longevity, innovative technology, and our renowned customer support.


Endless options

With colour options to match or compliment your existing space, Ziptrak® blinds offer superior functionality without compromising your décor. Each blind is custom made to your exact requirements for a discreet and unobtrusive final result.


Tough and durable

Ziptrak® blinds are extremely solid and built to last years of regular commercial use. As an Australian invented, designed, and manufactured product, Ziptrak® has been engineered to withstand the toughest conditions. For even more durability you might consider installing the wider and “HEAVY DUTY” option.

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