About Quality Outdoor Blinds


Who we are

Proudly South Australian Owned and Operated we are QUALITY OUTDOOR BLINDS. Through our excellent customer service and high quality outdoor blinds, we have rapidly grown to become one of the leading South Australian Suppliers of the Ziptrak® Blind System. We established QUALITY OUTDOOR BLINDS with only one thing in mind, providing you, our client, with the perfect blinds for your space. Our team is focused on delivering high quality and unique window furnishings. We are known for continually incorporating the latest technologies and designs into our blinds, and our team will be there to guide you through the entire process. We know and love the Ziptrak ® blind system. Our sales consultants will always provide you with all the information you need and are sure that you’ll love our blinds too!

Our expert team include stylists, qualified installers, and customer service specialists. The team will help you throughout the entire process by ensuring:

  • the blinds are custom made to your home or office.
  • the blinds suit your style.
  • you receive old-fashioned customer service and high attention to detail is consistent throughout the service.
  • You receive a quality product at an affordable price.

Transform your home or office with QUALITY OUTDOOR BLINDS.

What we do

QUALITY OUTDOOR BLINDS are the provider of the original and “Australia’s favourite track-guided blinds”. Our Ziptrak ® Blind System is manufactured right here in South Australia! The Ziptrak® Blind System is known for being strong and durable, but what truly sets the Ziptrak® Blind System apart is its ability to:

  • Reduce heat transmission.
  • Keep 70-99% of wind, rain, sun, and UV rays from your home or office.
  • Keep your home or office private from others looking in, but maintains a view for those looking out.
  • Lower your power bills for good.

The Ziptrak ® Blind System offers the perfect balance between innovation and sophistication. Some of the technology included is the spring-balanced system. This technology will allow you to manoeuvre the blinds with ease and the fabrics used in the blinds will save you hundreds on your next power bill. Improve the insulation or keep the windows open in your home or office, with Ziptrak ® blinds. Our team will help you select and install quality blinds that create a wonderful ambiance in your home or office. Connect you indoor and outdoor environments into one harmonious space with QUALITY OUTDOOR BLINDS.


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